Monthly Archives: May 2017

My Twitter Obsession

My Twitter account was made back in 2014. Like this site, it also sat pretty much idle for 3 years. I only picked it up a few months ago, so it is fair to say I’m a Twitter noob. I started following a couple artists who had tweeted with #3dmodeling, but it didn’t take long for me to notice that some of these people had tens-of-thousands of followers!

At the time I had 9 followers (8 of which were from 2014 and inactive). Having a numerical value assigned to your insignificance is pretty humbling. “What would I have to do to get that many followers?”, I wondered. And, I’m still wondering! Without being a celebrity, attracting that size of an audience just from posting images of your work is very impressive.

I have 45 followers at the time of this post. They are unreasonably important to me. 🙂 I had 49 a few days ago, and I’m still in mourning over the loss. After each tweet I anxiously wait to see if I pick up any new followers. If even one new person follows me, I celebrate.

This is probably not normal, and I may have a problem. But, surely the obsessing over followers wears off? After 100 followers? Or 1,000? I may need an intervention, or maybe I just need to figure out how to make better tweets!